Team Homework Pages

CPMS Team Homework Webpages

We have created this page for parents and students who would like to see weekly homework assignments at a glance.  Please click on your team so that you can see an updated, weekly homework.  Please see the Staff Directory for contact information for specific teachers.

*Teachers update these weekly, but these are subject to change should they need to adjust.

6-1 Team Homework Page     (Jensen, Olsen, Matheny, McReynolds)

6-2 Team Homework Page     (Hagen, Sosa, Morgan, Hudson)

6-3 Team Homework Page     (Minix, Curby, Albarado, Dillaplain)


7-1 Team Homework Page      (Carrillo, Reed, Lockwood, Oseguera)

7-2 Team Homework Page      (Childress, Bing, Lemming, Burton, K.)

7-3 Team Homework Page      (Allred, Staeb, Locke, Winbery, Ludden, Seelig, McFarland, Irby)


8-1 Team Homework Page     (Solomon, Clary, Courtright, Craddock)

8-2 Team Homework Page     (Ingram, Rovenstine, Wood, Alexis)

8-3 Team Homework Page     (Ortiz, Espinosa, Macleod, Burton, V., Ludden, Seelig, McFarland, Irby)


  • For Academic electives please see the individual teacher’s page.