First Day of School

...And we're back!
Posted on 08/15/2018

School is back in session - a few things to remember:

Dropping in?
Parents and guardians need to come through the front doors and sign in ALWAYS when entering the school.  If you are here after the school day begins, you will need to use the camera system to ask for entry.  

School Supplies?
These aren't expected until the first full week.  First two days of school are fine with just a pencil and a note pad of some sort.

School Hours?
The first bell rings at 8:55 am and the dismissal bell is at 4:05 pm.

Where do I drop off/pick up?
Cedar Park Middle School is located at the corner of Sun Chase and Cypress Creek.  There are two drop-off driveways.  Once here, you will make your way around to the cafeteria entrance.

Here is a traffic flow map to help:
traffic flow.pdf